What if?
Most stories start with a question: What if the world froze but you were still moving (Hamish and the Worldstoppers); What if our toys come alive (Toy Story); What if our emotions were really little people in our heads? (Inside Out). On this course we will start with the question and help you on your way to write a complete story about it - showing you how to add drama, suspense, description, dialogue and follow the arc of a story. For ages 8 to 11.
11+ Exam Practice
We will show you how to write a story within a time limit and sprinkle it with similes, metaphors, alliteration, the senses and a dash of story-writing mastery. We'll give you examples of exam questions from the past and practice writing on from a story. This course is aimed for 10+ who are going to be taking the 11+ or school entrance exams in January.
7+ Exam Practice
We will show you how to write a story within a time limit, a description from a picture and a diary entry. We will focus on punctuation (Capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks) and homophones plus think up some good similes and help expand vocabulary.

Tuesday 30th May to Thursday 1st June
10 am to 1 pm each day
Join children's author Ross Montgomery who will show your children how to write science fiction with a twist of humour and a dash of inspiration.
The group will create their own aliens, put them in worlds with or without rules (they decide!) and produce a story about them.
Here is some feedback about Ross's last course.

"Alice loved it.  School has knocked her confidence in her writing and Ross has brought it back and helped her to see why planning is a good idea." 

"Marcie really enjoyed the course and it has given her great enthusiasm to write more. I can see that she has learnt to bring more depth to her stories so hope that will continue. Please thank Ross for making it so enjoyable and informative for them."

"Daisy really enjoyed the course last week - she thought Ross was 'funny and helpful and the course was good."

Book now to avoid disappointment. Age 8 to 11. Maximum 10 children.