Chapter 15

The energy in the cave built up and up and up, whizzing round like a caged tornado. All the pins holding Kastapella’s hair in its chignon pinged out and fell to the dirt. Her red hair then stretched itself out from the root to the tip as though it was a great big sunflower. The power of Kastaspella’s conjuring made every part of her body tingle.

It was electrifying.

The tiny bats squeaked in alarm and then like rats leaving a sinking ship they all uncurled their folded wings and swooped away to find another cave in another mountain to live in.

The beautiful crystal in the cave lost its lustre. The stalagmites flopped over as though to bury their points into the ground. And the stalagtites concertinaed themselves up into the roof of the cave.

Kastapella spoke to the invisible force. “Time for you to do what you do best.”

Then she set the wild controlled energy free.

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