Chapter 16

Vandabar and Mistress Castor-Fiber felt the power of the angry spell as soon as Kastapella released it. The headmistress grabbed Vandabar’s arm. “Can you do anything Wishy?” 

I can slow it down Olly but I can’t stop it. Can you sense who it’s directed at?”

The headmistress frowned as she tuned her senses into the spell. “Yes, it’s designed for Clarissa. But why I just don’t know.”

The oldest reason in the world Olly.”

Looking at each other and nodding they muttered in unison. “The Green Eyed Monster.”

Then they were both moving at incredible speed. The headmistress to get Clarissa to some place of safety. Vandabar to conjure a spell out of very thin air which would slow the dangerous power hurtling towards them all.

Conjure like you’ve never conjured in your life before Aluwishious Vandabar Einstein.” Mistress Castor-Fiber was hurrying Clarissa away. “Or we are all doomed by this act today.”

Brueberon flew round Mr Fieldmouse in frantic circles as he tried to understand what was happening. The headmistress explained the situation to her cousin as she ushered them along.

The fieldmouse then explained to Brueberon while hurrying in a way Brueberon had never seen him hurry before.

The sudden realisation of the enormity of the situation hit Brueberon so hard that he forgot to flap his wings. 

He fell to the ground like an anvil dropped from a great height.

This is all my fault. All my fault.”

Clarissa tripped over her feet as she tried to turn to see him. “It doesn’t matter whose fault it is Brueby.” Both the headmistress and Mr Fieldmouse steadied her before she fell.

This way!” urged a breathless Mistress Castor-Fiber.

Brueberon hauled himself out of the hole his fall had created.

Well, I can stand here watching them disappear into the distance or I can follow and find out how to help.”

His wings snapped open with decision. Then in a blur he zoomed off to join his friends.

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