Chapter 19

Vandabar spotted Brueberon out of the corner of his eye. “Ah, you’re more or less back to normal I see.”

What can I do?”

It would be fantastic if you could find Kastapella. We need her here to establish exactly how she put this spell together. Without that we can’t reverse it. In fact, it might be impossible.”

A little witch; only 3”2, with straight white hair hanging down her back like a curtain, materialised next to Vandabar. “We’ve located her. She’s in a cave in the Kilimanlayas Mountains.”

None of us will ever get there in time.” gasped Vandabar.

I can get there in the blink of an eye.” Brueberon pointed out.

Bend down please.” said the little witch.

She then pressed a co-ordinates crystal into a scale on his forehead and instantly Brueberon knew exactly where to find Kastapella.

He didn’t waste any time on words. In a blink he was gone.

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