The magical box of wonders by Aaron age 8


by Aaron Valle-Walkley Age 8

Ben felt cold and thought… why am I the only one that has to sweep the chimleys? He was walking through the graveyard. He heard a noise behind a building, a noise very loud like a squawk and a roar. Ben wondered, what can the noise or sound be?! A fox? It was very dark and gloomy (the sky) and he saw a turkey and a box with flashing light. “What a strange thing to find in the graveyard”, Ben thought. Ben couldn’t believe it! Ben tiptoed quietly towards the funny looking box. Ben heard lots of noises in the dusty, old box. Then, something unsual happened when Ben sniffed the box. He smells a beautiful smell! “What has this got to do with the light and the turkey.” Ben thought… what is in the box?!

Suddenly, the box opened again with the flashing light and sucked in the turkey. “What the”… but before Ben could finish, the box swallowed Ben! “AAAAAAHHHHH!” screamed Ben. Ben noticed that he was a farmer now and had travelled to a modern looking farm. Ben saw the same turkey again and other farm animals. Ben saw a little dog. The turkey charged towards the small dog and made the same noise that Ben heard in the graveyard. Ben found his brushes and put them in his ears.


Now, Ben couldn’t hear a sound at all. Ben finds a sparkiling daffodil, and keeps it – it was the strange smell when he was in the graveyard. Ben sees a lady with the dog that he saw and sees lots of animals, cows, pigs, hens, horses, sheep, bulls and other creatures. The lady’s name is Katy who has a cat and a dog. “How do I get back to the graveyard?” asked Ben. The lady Katy showed him the way back through the box, travelling and travelling untill he reached the graveyard, but the animals came along too!


He (Ben) saw that the graveyard was painted in different colours like orange and blue. Charles (his friend did it) because he didn’t want it to be all gloomy. Mr Been was not happy that the chimleys were not cleaned and there were lots of colours. He sent them to jail but the animals helped! Just before the animals made huge noises, Ben and Charles put two brushes in their ears… MOOOO! MUUUHHH! BE! BA! ME! NEIGH! OINK! OINK! BUCK! BUCK! COCK A DOODLE DOO! Suddenly, the daffodil sucked Mr Been to heaven (a bad heaven) and all the animals were swallowed back in the box, Ben and Charles took the box in their house and kept it.

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