Percy Jackson’s Adventure by Malachi Ohene age 10

Percy Jackson’s Adventure

Percy Jackson is the leader of the fire tribe, they are  itinerant that travel by boat. Percy is burning like a volcano to go to the cool, tropical island of Jamaica. They are currently living on Treasure island. On the other side of the creek was an ancient, Spanish castle. That is where the king of Treasure Island lived. His name was king George the third. Further east of the fire tribes campsite was the deadly canyon. The deadly canyon is deeper than the Mariana Trench! If you slip, you will fall to your peril. North from their camp was the tropical Amacoa forest. In the depths of the cool forest was the Pheonix’s nest. A Pheonix is a big, fierce, firey bird. Further north of the Amacoa forest was Cyclop’s cave. Cyclops is an one-eyed, 50 feet tall giant. The fire tribe, 25 adults and children, sets off to Jamaica but first they have to go to the castle to get food and weapons for their jouney.

As they approached the castle, a wooden bridgestretched across the river. They stampeded over it as crocidiles snapped at their feet. The bridge collapsed as the last person set foot on the grassy ground. In front of them was a humonguous, grand, stone castle, home of King George the third. The king was outside playing golf. AS he saw them approach, he turned to greet them.

“Since we are going off to Jamaica, could you lend us : some food; some weapons and a boat for our travels?”

“Of course fire tribe. Stewart! Get these people their desirers.” Stewart was the king’s personal servant.

“Of course sire. There is a boat at the other side of the island. Here is your weapons and food. Good day!” They had to go around to the other bridge since the first bridge collapsed. They scurried over the weak, abandoned bridge. the tribe strided on until they got to the deadly canyon. Would they make it around?

They slowly tiptoed around the edge of the canyon, cautious not to fall into the ginormous death trap. As they made it around the bend, the Amacoa forest came in site. They sighlently tiptoed through the dense undergrowth. They climbed a pile of twigs…

“AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Went the Pheonix’s mighty cry. Flames lit up the twigs as they got chased through the forest. Massive trees burnt to the ground as flames burnt their bark. They whizzed through the forest coming to a big dark cave. The cave was dark as midnight. When they got used to the light, they saw cheese was the size of cart wheels, sheep as big as cars. Just then, vibrations shook the cave as a giant entered…

” AAAAAHHHHH! A nice meal for me!” His hands picked up two of the men. You could hear their bones crunching in his grasp. Their faint screems could be heard as they diapeared into the giants black whole. He lay down. When he hit the floor the ground shook. Soon, the giant fell fast asleep on the cold, cobbled floor.

Percy thought fast. He walked to the fire.”Help me with this log men.” They hauled a gigantic log ( that was half engulfed in flames) towards Cyclops. They threw it into Cyclop’s eye. The smell of burning flesh filled the cave.

“AAAHHH!” he screamed. They covered their ears as they escaped to the the deserted grass.

After a few minutes of running, they finally found the boat.

“Hooray!” they cheered, “Off to Jaimaca!” When they got to Jamaica, the smooth, tropical winds blew in their faces. Looking at the fruits was mouth watering. The juice of the mangoes dripped down their chubby cheeks. The sand was as soft as wool. They had found a home for now. What danger would await them?

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