An unusual ghost storyy Naomi Wood age 10

Fredo’s pads crawled onto Melissa’s bed, and he nudged his nose against her leg. Melissa stretched her arms out and woke up. At first, she thought Fredo, her pet ferret, was lonely again. Then she heard a shrilling sound piercing through the walls of her house. She opened her lapis lazuli eyes wide which were such a deep blue, you could swim in the. Melissa was fed up with the noises in the night. She follows the trail, tiptoe-ing into the dark mysterious night, with her heart pounding.

As the door to the house next door creeked open, the fearful noises turned into a cry. The house towered over Melissa and Fredo. It smelt putrid, like a rotten egg. She stroked the wall; it was enveloped in dust and muck. Melissa crept in, watching every step she made. She alerted herself that the sound came from upstairs. Although the place was dark and gloomy, there were signs that someone lived there. Chocolate crumbs were scattered all over the floor. Melissa’s small head peed thought the floor. She stood in amazement. All that noise was made from a little ghost crying.  Lily, the ghost, noticed her and asked if Melissa could come in. Melissa questioned, “why are you so melancholy?”. She responded with….

“Loneliness” she mumbled. “Everyday, I peer through the window looking at friendship, happiness, something I don’t have”. Lily longed for company. Frosty white ringlets flowed down her back, and her face was like marble: cold, smooth and white. Fredo pranced and danced over to Lily, and stroked his head against her frayed dress. While floating, a smile grew on Lily’s face. An idea then floated into Melissa’s head. “What about you take care of Fredo during my school day? That way, you won’t be lonely”. Lily jumped up and down, because she knew that she had made two friends and that was the perfect amount for her.

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