The eruption of 2163 by Colin Bénézét Minns age 9

The eruption of 2163

It was a superb Spring morning of 2163 when Mitzi and Tyler woke to the deafening sound of metal being welded together.  Then they heard the clanging of hammer against metal.  After that, an abusive, unmentionable swear word resonated around the room.

“Looks like Ada’s back at work,” said Mitzi, trying to start a conversation with antisocial Tyler.  “Mm” mumbled Tyler.  Then the residence, owned by child millionaires, Mitzi and Tyler, went silent.  The quiet was eerie.  Fearing the worst, Mitzi and Tyler rapidly strode into Ada’s workshop.  They penetrated deeper into the workshop which was spread over dozens of rooms.  At last, they saw a light in one of the countless rooms.  Ignoring the ‘Do not disturb’ sign hung on the door, they opened the door and crept in.
Mitzi and Tyler were greeted by Ada’s proud smile.  Her metal hands were covered with grease and her normally golden locks were tinted an ugly shade of brown, but her iron body was still in one piece.  Her broad grin literally split her face in half.
“Ladies and Gentlemen” she announced.   “May I introduce you to my invention – ‘The Mantle Miner 3491’” With a theatrical flourish, she whipped off a silken cover from a cone shaped lump.

“It looks splendid!” Commented Mitzi “But ….err …what exactly is a Mantle Miner?  “No offense” she added when she saw Ada’s hurt look.

“It’s a machine that permits you to travel inside the earth” she explained without hesitation.  The team excitedly jumped in.  Minutes later the tip of the cone was rotating wildly as the crew relaxed in the cabin.  Inside the cabin was a bunch of levers, which Ada was fiddling with; a screen which showed the depths at which they were and a holographic map.  Suddenly the Miner stopped, and the drill like layer of the machine slid to reveal a glass panel.  “Admire the earth when its ten kilometres down” said Ada.  The Miner remained halted for two minutes until the drill-like clicked back into position.  The point of the cone re-started its revolving and the Millionaires ventured deeper into the earth.  Suddenly, the temperature rose considerably.

“Jeez – its boiling in here!” groaned Tyler.

“Don’t worry, Tyler” said Ada reassuringly.  “The Miner is made of hafnium carbide.  It can withstand 4000°”.

“I’m not sure I can, though.  Anyway, don’t worry, I think ahead!” declared Tyler.
Mitzi, who had been surprisingly silent, suddenly said “We’re at 160 kilometres – this is the upper mantle. I recommend going back.”

“But I can’t get it into reverse gear” whinged Ada.
“Great!” mumbled Tyler “Absolutely great!”
The team looked in silence as the numbers on the depth-o-meter crept up.
“Ahem” said Ada “I’m afraid we are twenty meters away from Kilauea’s  …. magma chamber. “That’s why it’s so hot in here” said Mitzi.

All of a sudden, there was a pong-ding from Tyler’s phone.  He had a notification.  It said Kilauea erupting again!

“What a coincidence!” he breathed.  “Ada get the second and third heatproof layer on and take a right.  It rocketed straight into the magma chamber where it was immediately forced upwards by the magma flow.  It tore through the volcano until it got stuck in the neck of Kilauea.
“Fire all retro-rockets” commanded Tyler.  With the sound like a plug being pulled out in a bathtub, the Miner flew into the air.  As they zoomed through the air, Ada congratulated Tyler.  Afterwards, it landed on the igneous rock (lava when its cooled) and fragmented into several pieces.  Ada, Mitzi and Tyler just about managed to squirm out of the tip of the cone, which was still spinning madly.
“What am I going to do with the Mantle Miner 3491 now?” asked Ada.
“Dismantle it!” said Mitzi and Tyler simultaneously.


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