Inkhead story by Iris Baker Age 8

Inkhead story by Iris Baker


Chapter 1: A Plan

Bess could hear a strange noise: ‘slllllllluuuuurchh!’, it went. ‘Ssslllluuurrcccchhh!’ – there it was again. She was in a grey prison with green slime.


‘Phew, finally a rest because it’s Friday” Bess heard a slug say. As King Sluggy passed her cell, she sniffed the air; he smelt like mouldy cheese. She looked and he (King Sluggy) was wearing a jewelled cape and crown, also to top that he was covered from top to bottom with slime. His human size made him look even more revolting and scary. He scrunched a piece of paper and threw it towards her cell.


“Yuck!” Bess thought, ‘disgusting!’. She could hear a lot of sleurching  noises which meant 253 (or another large number) of slugs were sleurching past.


Bess spotted the paperball that had got caught in the gap between her door and the floor. She pulled it out with all her might and read the writing. It said: ‘The key to open the cells is under Prisoner no.925’s floor; Password: ‘All hail King Sluggy!’. Underneath this was written: How to overthrow King Sluggy and all it said was 1. Change robot setting from human to slug.


Bess through hard for a minute then said: ‘Ah-ha!’. She got it – she was prisoner no.925 as she had remembered a slug calling her that when she had made the robots.


Chapter 2: The Meeting

‘Mmmm, this greenery is soooooo good!” King Sluggy exclaimed to his fellow slugs. “Right now, I declare this meeting open. Got any news?” Nbody spoke because they feared him, so King Sluggy did: “We shall zap the humans this evening” he bellowed, “Meeting closed.”


Meanwhile Bess was digging hard at the ground so she did not hear any of this. She carried on digging until she found a box with the letters A,L,H,I,K,N,S,U,G and Y. She typed the password: ‘All hail King Sluggy’. It immediately opened up and inside was a gleaming gold key.


Chapter 3: Robot Room

Bess peered through the bars; the coast was clear. She unlocked the door with the key and ran to a door saying ‘ROBOT ROOM’. She opened it and tiptoed inside. First she unscrewed all the robots’ front panels. Within 10 minutes she had changed their settings from ‘human to slug;’ and put their panels back on. Bess left the room, locked the door and sprinted back to her cell. At that moment King Sluggy (having just finished his lunch of rotten chips and gravy and slosh slug lemonade) burst into the robot room to check the robots were ready.


Chapter 4:

Five hours later all the humans were tied up to poles waiting to be zapped. They (including Bess) were staring around Sluggy’s lobby. They noticed a poster saying ‘Famous Me’ underneath a picture of King Sluggy who was looking very vain. The creaking double doors cracked open when King Sluggy pushed them and shouted: “Robots Zap!”

There was a split second of silence then the robots sprang into action – zapping slugs! King Sluggy was one of the first to get zapped.

“I don’t understand!” squeaked a tiny but furious King Sluggy.

Bess ordered the robots to: “Untie humans!” All the humans were dancing with joy when:



Chapter 5:

Humans and the slugs scurried out of the way desperately cramming themselves in boxes and under tables. After a bit, Bess asked “Is everyone ok?”

“Yes” an old man replied, “but the robots aren’t”.

The robots were in a million pieces.

“Oh!” exclaimed Bess.

And so Earth was normal again and King Sluggy was packaged off to a country where no lettuce grows; his slugs were set free. That is why slugs are small like they are today.


The End.


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