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Zoë Bolton biography

Zoë Bolton is an experienced secondary school English teacher specialising in Creative Writing.
In 2009, she completed an MA in Creative Writing at UEA, where she received the Malcolm
Bradbury Memorial Bursary, and worked on a collection of short stories set on the remote island
of Okinoerabu in Japan. Zoë has facilitated creative writing workshops for a wide range of groups
including Inkhead, several schools and the mental health charity, MIND. She has recently moved
to Brighton and is excited about the opportunity to teach creative writing here amongst the sea

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Writing Ghost stories 7+

Ghost stories are fun to write! We show you how to build up a spooky atmosphere; use the setting to send shivers down your readers’ spines, and connect the ghost to the victim with an interesting backstory. Ghost stories are all about spinning out the suspense and giving an unexpected twist to the ending. The group will come out of the course with their own ghost story, which we will help them write over two days. 

Suitable for ages 7 + 


"Well, I am not altogether sure how Zoe did it (am thinking witchcraft or somesuch) but Tom and Arch have had a ball this week and just loved Inkhead. Archie has really struggled with writing and I could almost weep at him coming home so enthused! Not sure whether it's a threat or a promise, but he told Zoe this morning that he'll be back in the summer. Anyway, thank you both for all the hard work. I really appreciate it.",  London

“The first thing my daughter said to me when I picked her up was ‘please can I come back in the summer?’ I think this speaks for itself. Not only did she enjoy the workshop but she left having learned new skills and new vocabulary, gained confidence in her writing, found the teacher very nice and interesting, made new friends and had a thoroughly enjoyable morning! No doubt she will be back!”, Estelle (Brighton).