Story Critique Service

Send your child’s story into us and we will provide a 400 word critique, showing them what works and offering suggestions on how to edit and improve it.

What makes inkhead unique is that we are all writers ourselves. Writing is a craft which is always being honed and developed – and one of the best ways of learning how to write is to read your work out loud or have it read by other writers. We give constructive feedback on what works and what doesn’t in your stories; and show you how to improve your writing with ideas and suggestions.

This feedback can be invaluable to any writer as seen below:-

"I just wanted to send a brief message letting you know my appreciation for your critique. I felt all of the advice was very relevant to my story and it was extremely helpful and made a great deal of sense. I am very encouraged by your positive comments. I am writing a story in my free time and the advice you gave also helped in that as well."

 Ronan Malumphy  emailed.

For just £15 we will send you a full-A4 page critique of your story. We will tell you what works in your writing and what doesn’t; offer advice and suggestions on ways to improve the story, build your characters into believable people, and add to your descriptions.

Please note that we can only offer critiques for stories between 1,000 to 3,000 words long.

1. Please pay the £15 fee.

2. Email your story to us at and we will email your critique within 7 days of receiving your story.