October Workshops 


22nd & 23rd October (10 am to 1 pm), Hove Library 

Ghost stories are fun to write! We show you how to build up a spooky atmosphere; use the setting to send shivers down your readers’ spines, and connect the ghost to the victim with an interesting backstory. Ghost stories are all about spinning out the suspense and giving an unexpected twist to the ending. The group will come out of the course with their own ghost story, which we will help them write over two days. 

Suitable for ages 7 + 

11+ Revision Course

We will show the group how to approach comprehensions with confidence and even enthusiasm! They will also be shown how to write a composition, which contains the literary techniques the examiners are looking for, within a time limit. There will be two tutors on this course and a maximum of 10 children in the group.

Day One: Comprehension practice. How to read the questions and approach words you may not understand. Mock paper and feedback on your answers.

Day Two: Planning, writing and remembering what to include in your story/composition for the exam. Mock paper and feedback on your essay.

Day Three: Punctuation and Grammar revision. Model answers to comprehension from Day one. Short practice comprehension. Mock writing paper. Read out your story to the group.

Streatham Library  - 24th to 26th October

Manor House library 24th to 26th October

Suitable for ages 11 +

7+ Creative Writing and Punctuation

This course will help your children plot and write a story with a beginning, middle and end. We will give them tips on how to punctuate.

Day One: What goes into a story? We will discuss stories and develop a plot together about two characters (hero and villain, which the group will make up together. They will each write their own story based on the group’s ideas.

Day Two: Punctuation games. We will give them tips on how to remember to punctuate their work and use paragraphs. The group will then draw a map of a place where their next story will be set and develop a character who they will write about. The tutor will develop a “villain” character.

Day Three: The group will think of a plot together and each person will write their story from their character’s point of view. We will intersperse the writing with word games and mix it up to make it fun too!

West Norwood library -  24th to 26th October

Suitable for ages 7 +

Courses and Venues

We run courses at West Norwood LibraryEffraspace in Brixton, the Neighbourhood Church in Beckenham (Cromwell Road), Manor House library, Streatham LibraryCUFOS in North London and in Hove Library in Brighton.

Hove Library

Hove Library, 182-186 Church Rd, Hove, Brighton BN3 2EG

Streatham Library

Tate Library, 63 Streatham High Rd, London SW16 1PN

West Norwood library

16 Knight's Hill, West Norwood, London SE27 0HY