February Half Term courses

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Ghost Story Writing Course
Suitable for ages 9 to 11

Are you sitting in the dark with a candle flickering by your side? Is the wind outside battering your windows? Then we'll begin...
Ghost stories feed the imagination as at least one of the characters does not have to conform to human restrictions; they can move through objects; terrifying people; and time travel. On this course we will show the group how to set up a great ghost story, linking the supernatural to our world, ghost to hero and provide a satisfying (could it be a twist?) ending. Fun and educational at the same time!

Venues: Streatham Tate Library, Upper Norwood Library Hub and Manor House library

Dates:  19th to 21st February 2020
Times: 10 am to 1pm
Price: £150


What if? Writing Course
Suitable for ages 7 to 9

What if the world was made of cheese? Or a boy escaped into a giant peach? Most stories start from the author asking themselves questions and finding a way to write the answer in story form. On this course we show children how to create a new world, where their story will take place, with its own rules. From there the characters will come to life and a plot will form. We will encourage the group to bring their imaginations to life over three days. At the same time they will learn about the craft of storytelling and writing.

Venues: The Old library

Dates:  19th to 21st February 2020
Times: 10am to 1pm
Price: £150

Courses and Venues

We run courses at West Norwood LibraryEffraspace in Brixton, the Neighbourhood Church in Beckenham (Cromwell Road), Manor House library, Streatham LibraryCUFOS in North London and in Hove Library in Brighton.

The Old Library, West Norwood library

16 Knight's Hill, West Norwood, London SE27 0HY

Streatham Tate Library

63 Streatham High Rd, London SW16 1PN

Upper Norwood Library Hub

Westow Hill, Upper Norwood, London SE19 1TJ