In Person Holiday Courses

The Old Library, 14-16 Knights Hill, Norwood, London SE27 0HY

Monday 18th to Friday 22nd July 2022

Crime Writing for Ages 10 to 11

Who robbed The National Bank and stole £1million? Our young sleuths will be given a list of suspects… each with a motive. But who was cunning enough to pull off the heist? They will then write the story from the criminal’s perspective… and invent a detective who is on their tail. If you have any young Sherlock's at home. Send them to us!

My First Story Ages 6 to 7

We break down each stage of writing a story for our youngest writers. They will create a character, think about what the character wants and what the obstacles are in the character’s path. We show them how to sequence a plot with a beginning, middle and ending and encourage them to describe where the story takes place, how the character feels, as well as consider what has changed by the end of their stories.

Monday 15th to Friday 19th August 2022



Write and Illustrate your own story Ages 8 to 9

The group will be given the freedom to invent their own characters, plot and timeline for their stories in any genre they choose. The aim of this course is to show the group how to develop characters, motive, and plot in their stories and to show them ways to use descriptive language and literary devices to good effect.

Write and Illustrate your own story Ages 10 to 11

The group will be able to write their own stories, share their ideas and be guided by an experienced writer to develop character, setting and plot and showcase the literary devices and ways of writing they have been taught at school, with some extra tips! Our aim is that the group will find joy in using their own imaginations in a supportive environment.

Monday 22nd to Friday 26th August 2022

Write and Illustrate your own story Ages 10 to 11

Coming at the end of the summer holiday, this course is aimed as a ‘refresher’ in revising for the 11+ Exams by using past papers. We will show the group how to ‘read between the lines’ in the given extract and how to differentiate between the questions asked and how to answer as fully as possible and earn the optimum number of marks.

11+ Exam Preparation Creative writing

Using the questions on the past papers of the Comprehension course, we will show the group how to plan and execute a story or written composition in their 11+ exams. Practice in writing under time constraints, trying out a variety of questions, and the encouragement of our tutor,  will give our students confidence when they take school entrance exams.