Creative writing for exams. 11+ Age – June 1st to June 4th: 2:00pm to 3:15pm.


The 11+ English paper sets a writing task, which is designed to test children’s knowledge of literary techniques and their ability to write fluently. Their vocabulary, punctuation, and use of grammar is marked too. The examiners look for a level of maturity in their writing; marks are lost for misinterpreting the question or going off on a tangent. On this course we give the students one question a day to answer within a time limit, and show them how to read the question and plan a story before writing it. We discuss when to use metaphors, similes etc and to keep the tone of their stories consistent.
The maximum number of children in each group is 8, which gives the tutor time to feedback to everyone and give them tips on how to improve their stories. We also tell them when 10 minute intervals are up, to allow them to learn how to time themselves in exams.
The course is suitable for Children in Year 5.

Age: 11+

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Tuesday 1st to Friday 4th June 2021


2:00pm to 3:15pm


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