Online Poetry Monday Club: 1st June to 13th July


Learning how to write poetry is an excellent way to improve your writing! It focuses the mind and forces you to choose your words carefully; it encourages you to think outside the box and to use language to surprise and delight, and it hones your ability to speak with confidence.
In this class, our resident poet Tymek Woodham will teach you how to write in specific poetic forms like haikus, ballads, limericks and sonnets. We’ll pay attention to poetic techniques like different sorts of rhyme, alliteration and meter, and introduce ourselves to a host of rhetorical and linguistic devices like anaphora, oxymoron and onomatopoeia. Don’t forget that poetry is a spoken art as well, and we will think a lot about the best way to effectively perform our work!
Of course, there can be no writing without reading, and we’ll also spend a lot of time with engaging canonical poets such as T.S. Eliot and Langston Hughes, alongside more contemporary voices like Benjamin Zephaniah and Jacqueline Woodson. The aim throughout will be to furnish you with a life-long love of words and an equally enduring interest in poetry that will carry over beyond the classroom.


Suitable for Age 9 to 11

Online using Zoom

Time: 5 to 6 pm

Dates: 1st June to Monday 13th July

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Monday 1st June to Monday 13th July ( Every Monday 7 Sessions in total)


5 to 6 pm


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